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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  November 24, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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christmas. fsm huddle around flickering black and white tv sets to see if bristol palin can do the impossible byinning the "dancing with the stars". did palin nation summon up enough votes to gelt her that trophy? it's way too early for this. good morning i'm willie geist and this is way too early. that guy is a class act and a dear friend. i'm glad you're up with us watching on msnbc or listening live on sirius xm radio. shoot me an e-mail. let me know what you're doing awake at this hour or do what that nutty little guy kim jong-il is text the world awake to 622639. next 30 minutes will be your prime session for this wednesday, november 24th. a lot to tell you about
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including new record for american business profits despite the anti-business obama administration. plus, governor chris christie of new jersey is asked his opinion of sarah palin. governor chris christie of new jersey gives his opinion of sarah palin. we'll see what he thinks of bristol's mom. let's get to the news here at 30 rock in new york city. south korea says it has now found the bodies of two civilians on the island she would by north korea bringing the death toll in yesterday's attack to four. the news comes as president obama is pledging to hold joint military exercises with south korea this week as a first response to the north's provocation. the president met with top advisors on the issue during an emergency session in the white house situation room yesterday. the administration also released this statement saying in part, this evening president obama called president lee to tell him that the united states in stands
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shoulder to shoulder with our close friend and ally. we will advance peace and security in the region. in an interview with barbara walters, obama further denounced the attack. >> is an attack on south korea an attack on the u.s.? >> south korea is our aally. it has been since the korean war. we strongly affirm our commitment to defend south korea. >> will we perhaps send war ships or would you put u.s. troops on alert? >> well, i'm not going to speculate on military actions at this point. i want to consult with president lee. >> nbc news also has learned some new details about the incident. for more than an hour the two sides alternately exchanged fire with the north koreans. south koreans fired more, about 90 artillery shells. south korea claims it inflicted heavy casualties on the north but that's impossible to verify.
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according to a report by north korea news state agency as his country was on the brink of war yesterday, kim jong-il spent the day doing what? i'll give you one guess. wrong. he was touring a soy sauce factory. with his youngest son and heir apparent. sometimes the jokes write themselves. today is the busiest travel day the year and it could become more frenzied with protests planned at airports across the country. in what's being called national opt-out day some demonstrators are urging travellers who are selected for a full body scan to refuse the procedure that could spark some pat downs and big delays. meanwhile tsa chief says his agency is now asking government security experts for a way to make security pat downs less invasive but just as thorough. this comes as homeland security secretary janet napolitano
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thanks tsa workers for their vigilance and hard work. in a letter she says travellers and the public realize your job is difficult and demanding. this holiday season i am confident you will again ensure the say ti of the traveling public. despite the uproar about screening procedures a new gallop poll finds relatively few frequent flyers are angry about the new methods. a majority 71% say any potential loss of personal privacy is worth it as a means of preventing acts of terrorism will 27% say it's not woirt and it's worth pointing out one more time on this busy travel day that less than 2% of you will be singled out for the pat downs. times are tough for many american workers, but corporate profits have never been higher. a new commerce department report shows american businesses just had their best quarter ever. earning profits at an annual
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rate of $1.66 trillion in the third quarter. the highest figure since the government began keeping track of such things 60 years ago. that break neck pace can be attributed partly to strong overseas profits since many emerging markets are expanding rapidly. president obama is touting the revival of a chrysler factory. speaking at a thanks mission plant in indiana with vice president joe biden the president told workers yesterday he made the right call. >> there were those who were prepared to give up on kokomo and our auto industry. there were those who said it would be too difficult or it was bad politics or throwing good money after bad. you remember the voices arguing for us to do nothing. they were pretty loud. suggesting we should step back and watch an entire sector of our economy fall apart.
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we made the decision to stand with you because we had confidence in the american workers. more than anything. and today we know that was the right decision. [ applause ] we know that was the right decision. that appearance was obama's first campaign style event since november mid-term election, comes a week after gm post-bankruptcy stock sale stock marketed records on wall street. ine a sign of the tough economic times a woman who told president obama a few months ago that she was quote exhausted from defending his policies has now lost her job. she became something of a celebrity after a cnbc town hall event was laid off last week as chief financial officer of a nonprofit veterans organization. still, in an interview with msnbc last night she said she supports the president and believes his economic policies will work. you said at the time you were in that town hall looking face to face at the president you were exhausted with
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defending the guy. are you more exhausted now? >> absolutely not, chris. i mean there's been a lot that's happened since september 20th and i think the president has made his case about what he believes is positive advancement for this country, what he's done over his last 21 or so, 22 odd months to impact the country in a positive way and i've been pleased with that. prior to the 20th i think either if he was saying it i didn't hear it or i tuned it out. but i've been paying attention and i've been impressed with that. >> as for her job prospects she remains be optimistic. just three days after senate republicans voted to support a two year ban on ear marks the chamber's number two republican appears to backed out on that promise. last friday arizona start jon kyl steered funds to settle an indian tribe against his state. he insists the measure is not an
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earmark critics say it meets the definition of an earmark. general david petraeus pet said he was not surprised to see a "new york times" report that a man claiming to be a senior taliban fighter was an imposter. speaking yesterday the top u.s. and nato commander said there was skepticism about one of these all along and it may well be that it was well founded as the times reported. officials at last week's nato summit identified as key development in attempts to bring an to end the war. a top advisor to mahmoud ahmadinejad is claiming the western sanctions against the country have failed. in an interview, mahmoud ahmadinejad's long time confidant said measures such as financial restriction, banning of iranian ships from european ports and fuel blockade has had
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no noticeable effect on the country. it's time for the u.s. and other nations to stop fooling themselves over their effectiveness. that criticism comes as iran prepares to hold new negotiations with world powers tentatively scheduled for december 5th. let's take an early look now at the markets as we get all up in your business. we go live to london. good morning, steve? >> reporter: hi, good morning. very good to see you today. what is amazing that this market is only off 3.5% from its closing high. when you consider the wealth of the stock that's being thrown at this market, macro economic events, political events, potential problems in korea amongst the fed, et cetera, et cetera, it's amazing the markets are only off by that margin. the corporate figures are very good as you explain earlier on. let's go through what rattled the market yesterday. it started off with these federal reserve minutes as well
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from the meeting of early november. they lowered and tempered their expectations for the economy going forward. the gdp was expected to be 3.5% to 4.2%. now it's down a low to 3% to 3.6%. unemployment will remain tough in 2011. 9% according to the fed as po opposed to the current level. the fed saying inflation will rice 1.1% to 1.7%. in addition we have these big macro issues. south korea baited some. ireland, portugal, spain, sovereign debt issues still very much at the forefront especially seeing now to add to the fact you have political consternation in ireland. the government struggling to survive long enough to get this
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imf stroke eu money to come through into the country. these are ongoing and very large problems that the market is being confronted with. in addition to that we have another angle and that's the fbi launching a trading probe into major u.s. hedge funds, companies connected to some very high net worth individuals. you're seeing this being thrown to the market. there's one thing that's very good at the moment and that's the corporate profits. back to you. we'll do that. steve thanks so much. still ahead on way too early, look at this picture. derek jeter with the boston red sox. yes the yankees are playing hardball with derek jeter, testing him, daring him to test the free market. now i hate to be dramatic but this is like the catholic church telling the pope to test other religions. it simply cannot be. plus, bristol palin, the girl from dirty dancing and the other
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guy gather at campaign headquarters to await the verdict from the american voting public on "dancing with the stars". could bristol pull off the upset? that check on the weather when way too early comes back.
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it will be wonderful. >> it will be. >> taylor swift will sing or something. it will be great. >> let's get to this forecast. good morning, everyone. a busy travel day, of course. the winds will cause problems in the airports in new england today. going to be sunny, clear as could be. the problems will be the gusty wind. wind are gusting 38 to 26 miles per hour from boston to hartford to providence. new york city gusty too. minor delays there. as i mentioned no problems with the precipitation. it will be as sunny as can be and cooler than yesterday. travel more difficult on thanksgiving day. rain in pittsburgh, d.c. and philadelphia as the morning progresses on thanksgiving. we got the parade in new york city. looks like the rain should hold off until after the parade bath close call. temperatures will be cool. not great for your afternoon football games in the mid-atlantic or the ohio valley. now today's travel trouble right now we have rain in st. louis heading for chicago later today.
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both of those airport could have possible problems and then minneapolis will have a little bit of snow mixed within sleet and freezing rain today and then up through the northern plains is a travel trouble spot. driving on thanksgiving morning getting somewhere, not as bad, a lot of heavy rain there, indiana and ohio. macy's parade, i think we'll get it in. >> good news. get it in. then it can rain. happy thanksgiving. now for spoerts. the tax rangers josh hamilton named yesterday american league most valuable player. voted first on 22 of the 28 ballots by the baseball writer's association of america. hamilton whose career was nearly derailed by substance abuse about five years ago last year led the rangers to the franchise's first world series appearance. he led all major league hitters with a .359 batting average. second place went to cabrera. hamilton is a great story good for him. other baseball news.
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it pains me to show you this but i'm going to. "new york daily news", we dare you. the new york yankees daring derek jeter to test the free agent market. negotiations between the yanks and the shortstop not going so well. on sunday his agent made a comment in the "new york daily news" saying quote he's baffled by the yankees' offer of three years, $45 million. that's considered a low offer. yankees gm didn't take kindly to those words telling espn this yesterday, we understand his contributions to the franchise and our offer has taken them into account. we've encouraged him to test the market and see if there's something he would prefer other than this. if he can, fine. that's the way it works. cold. derek jeter, a yankee legend. go find another team. college basketball, the number one ranged duke taking on kansas
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state. duke freshman irving making an impression. in the second half driving to the basket making a tough lay-up. duke beats kansas state 82-68. the coach won his 800th career game with duke. one of the country's most recognizable sports arena was given a slow death yesterday. demolition began on philadelphia's peck trump arena. they are using a tiny miniature 1800s wrecking ball. the arena saw more than 40 years of professional sports. the sixers and flyers played there. the demolition company is using that wrecking ball. they couldn't implode it because there's other arenas around it.
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coming up, president obama gives a stern warning to north korea, even as the country's pint size leader is off touring a soy sauce factory. that's not a joke. that's what he was doing while his country is on the brink of war. when we come back here we'll
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that thing i've never understood where people line up at 3:00 in the morning the day after thanksgiving to stampede for holiday gifts is happening again this year. you can shop online and not have to wrestle some goon at best buy. another busy black friday. you want to sound smart. 138 million shoppers in a country of 306 million people are expected to hit stores during black friday weekend. according to a survey of the national retail federation which says that number is up a bit from last year. enough of that kind of news. let's huddle up around the watercooler for the announcement
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of the nation's new "dancing with the stars" champion. everyone wanted to know would bristol who made to it the final three pull off the upset. a lot of people didn't think she would make it this far. the support of palin nation carried her into last night's finale with jennifer grey and kyle massey. could bristol do it? here they are the final three. >> we will now reveal the couple in third place is bristol and mark. >> what your going to take away from this competition, best memory? >> there's so many good memories from this competition. it's bean life changing experience and i've had a good time. >> the thing that's going to last with me all the other nonsense aside, here's a young
5:55 am
woman who got in her truck, drove five days to los angeles and lasted until the finale. >> threw go. bristol palin took third place. part one of the finale which was monday not last night, 4 million viewers, the franchise's biggest monday audience in six seasons. power of palin. here's what sarah palin said last night in a tweet. congratulations, jen, kyle for proving competition is good. remember they will criticize anyway so you might as well dance. word of sarah palin. again, as we said, jennifer grey is your new champion which is very exciting. last night governor chris christie was on with jimmy fallon. he asked about his fellow republican sarah palin. >> so vice president? >> out. >> can you see me as anybody's vice president. >> up and sarah palin.
5:56 am
>> you and sarah palin. do you think sarah palin could do it? >> be vice president? >> be president? >> well, you know, who know, jimmy. it's an amazing world. >> crazier things have happened. >>it's an amazing world. i don't know. >> his problem is he tells the truth too often. governor chris christie. still ahead, your gluten-free texts and messages are ahead. and "morning joe", starring joe scarborough is just moments away. lightning fast. lightning strong. verizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world.
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very interesting, number one story on you're interested, really, who will design the royal wedding gown. that's a question i've never even considered asking myself. that's the number one story. what are you doing awake at this hour? what are they saying. >> paul says i too will be touring a soy sauce factory. i need to leave early because of the holiday traffic. >> kim jong-il is touring a soy sauce factory while the country is on the brink of war. what el